Home library services

Last updated:  13 March 2024

Home library services provide access to library information and resources for those community members who are unable to physically access their local library due to special circumstances.

All members of the community are entitled to equal access to library information, resources and a quality standard of service.  This is a key aspect of free library services outlined in section 10 of the Library Act 1939.

Best practice resources


Each year the State Library collects statistics about home library service collections and circulation. Statistics about the size and circulation of home library service collections are included in the annual NSW public library statistics publication.

Standards and guidelines

Guideline 19. Home Library Services in Living Learning Libraries: standards and guidelines for NSW public libraries provides guidance to public libraries in running home library services.

Policy guidelines for NSW home library services is a set of standards and guidelines for the provision of Home Library Services in NSW developed by the Home Library Services working group.

Risk management guidelines for NSW home library services (2016) is a set of guidelines for library workers who deliver home library services, developed by the Home Library Services working group.

Home library services wiki

The home library services wiki contains information for library staff working with home library services such research reports and promotional resources.

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