Tech Savvy Seniors

Last updated:  25 March 2024

Tech Savvy Seniors is a partnership between the NSW Government and Telstra, providing free technology training to seniors through NSW public libraries. 

The program aims to help seniors with little or no digital experience develop skills and confidence in using technology for socialising, accessing services and conducting personal business.  The hands-on training includes courses on using computers, tablets, smart phones, the internet, email and social media. Training is offered in English and other languages.    

Over 30,000 seniors have been trained in more than 100 NSW public libraries since 2013.

Funding and reporting

Information about the Tech Savvy Seniors program and how to apply for funding is in the Tech Savvy Seniors guidelines.


The State Library provides reports to Telstra and the NSW Government on the TSS program outlining the number of sessions and participants and training locations. Your feedback contributes to these reports. We recommend that libraries keep a record of attendees for their own records.


At the end of the financial year we will email libraries that have run Tech Savvy Seniors programs and provide a link to an online acquittal form. We ask you to complete this short form to acquit your spending.  

The report includes:  

  • the number of training sessions provided  
  • the number of seniors who attended each training session  
  • how you worked in collaboration with other council or community organisations  
  • how you promoted the program in your community  
  • feedback from participants  
  • summary of how funds were spent (not required for libraries delivering CALD sessions with ECC trainers).  

Please include any photos, videos or testimonials from participants.  

Any information that you provide may be used by the State Library, Telstra or the NSW Government to promote the Tech Savvy Seniors program.  

Please note that libraries offering CALD training sessions using ECC trainers will be asked to complete a report, but do not need to provide information about how the grant money was spent.  

Promotional resources

Please use the official Tech Savvy Seniors (TSS) logos and poster templates when promoting your training sessions.  

TSS logo

The logo block includes the NSW Government, Telstra and State Library of NSW logos.  You are required to include the Tech Savvy Seniors logo block with your library or council branded marketing materials. 

Promotional templates in English


DL Flyer templates

Program template

Poster templates bilingual (A3 size)
Web banners

Web banners can be used to promote Tech Savvy Seniors on your website and through social media. Available in three sizes. 

Pull-up banner

A customisable pull-up banner template that you can use to promote Tech Savvy Seniors.

Training resources

Tech Savvy Seniors (TSS) training sessions have been developed by Telstra and the Department of Communities and Justice. Training sessions should be two-hours and 15 minutes long and offered free of charge to participants. 

Telstra has developed Tech Savvy Seniors training guides for trainers on a range of topics at beginner, intermediate and advanced level. The guides are provided on the Telstra website. Trainers should use the content and customise training sessions to reflect the needs of participants. 

Trainer guides

Telstra developed  a number of trainer guides to encourage other training providers to deliver this training. These guides are also available in accessible formats.

View the Trainer Guides

Online guides in other languages

The Telstra website has quick reference guides, in 14 languages, on using computers, email, social media and tablets.

Go to the Telstra quick reference guides


The Tech Savvy Seniors YouTube channel has online training videos in selected community languages. Videos cover topics such as smartphones, smartphone apps and zoom.  Videos are available in English, Arabic, Cantonese, Korean, Mandarin, Vietnamese, Spanish and Hindi.  

Go to the Tech Savvy Seniors YouTube channel 

Photography permission

During the training session ask participants for permission to use their photos. Record permissions using the photography permission form.

Certificate of participation

At the end of the training sessions present each participant with a Tech Savvy Seniors certificate of participation. 

Download the certificate template file and add participant and training details.

You may wish to hold a morning tea or special event where a VIP such as your library manager hands out the certificates.  


Trainers must complete an online survey after each session.

Complete survey

Trainers must ask the participants to complete a feedback survey at the end of each session. Surveys are available in English and other languages. 

Participant feedback surveys

*online survey not available. Ask participants to fill in the paper form and the trainer must add the responses to the trainer online survey.

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