National edeposit (NED) for public libraries

Last updated:  22 March 2024


National edeposit (NED) is a portal where Australian publishers can upload and provide access to digital publications, satisfying their legal deposit obligations

NED is a collaboration between Australia’s nine national, state and territory libraries, to capture and preserve Australia’s digital publications.  

A digital publication is a work that has been originally published in a digital, or electronic, format. NED does not accept items originally published in print format and then digitised. 

How can my library help?

Your library can work with your council to ensure key digital publications are being deposited. You can promote NED to your local community, including local historical societies, CALD groups and self-publishing authors.

What material should we encourage publishers to deposit?  

Commercial publishers 

  • All published material

Organisations, community groups, business, government agencies

Significant publications such as:  

  • annual reports  
  • newsletters, magazines, journals and bulletins  
  • research reports and studies  
  • commission and inquiry reports  
  • budget papers  
  • environmental impact statements  
  • community consultation reports  
  • discussion and issue papers  
  • historical and heritage studies  
  • maps  

You can upload content on behalf of your council when it is added to your library catalogue.

You can upload on behalf of publishers, if you have permission from the publisher to do so  and have confirmed the access conditions. 

How can libraries promote NED?

You can promote NED by:

  • sharing information on NED and how your library can participate with library staff
  • Including information on NED when doing outreach to community groups and organisations
  • running an introductory session for publishers interested in depositing content.  

Finding publications in NED

How can we find out what is available in NED?

  • Search the State Library of NSW catalogue using the term ‘National eDeposit’ for NSW publications.
  • Search Trove for all publications . 

Can we request NED content for document delivery?

Work is currently underway investigating the potential of interlibrary loan from NED. 

Depositing publications

What publications does NED currently accept?

NED accepts digital publications of:  

  • books  
  • serials  
  • sheet music  
  • maps  
What formats does NED accept?
  • epub  
  • mobi  
  • PDF  
  • tiff
How does a publisher deposit a publication in NED?

Publishers can deposit their works to NED in the following ways:  

  • via the online portal  
  • via email (e-newsletters)  
  • online bulk deposit process managed by member libraries (up to 1000 items at a time)  
  • via a bulk FTP deposit process managed collaboratively with NLA (mainly commercial publishers)  
  • by arrangement with the appropriate state or territory library if the above methods cannot be used.  

When content is deposited, the publisher provides metadata about the publication, and the intellectual property and access conditions.  

What is the benefit for publishers to deposit content in NED?
  • NED will provide a permanent archive of their publications.
  • NED will enable access for all time to their publications.
  • It encourages open access. 
What are the access conditions for content deposited?

Access conditions for publications are in accordance with Publisher Agreements and legal requirements. All NSW publications need to be accessible onsite at least at the National Library of Australia and the State Library of NSW, and publishers can agree to broader access. Where possible, access conditions should be as open as possible. The options are:  

  • openly available  
  • openly available with download restrictions  
  • openly available with temporary embargo
  • available onsite at National, State and Territory Libraries  
  • onsite only at NLA and SLNSW (mainly commercial works).  
Who can I contact if I have a question about NED?

NSW publishers can contact or (02) 9273 1619 to discuss NED. Further information about NED is available at

Further information 

Watch the webinar recording and view the slides to learn more about national e-deposit.

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