Legal, drug and alcohol information for young people social media kit

Last updated:  08 May 2024

Libraries can provide information about many everyday issues that affect young people. 

About this campaign

The purpose of this social media campaign is to raise awareness of legal and drug and alcohol issues amongst young people and where they can find information and help. The campaign is targeted at young people and their carers.  

This kit provides you with online resources that can be shared with your community. It highlights content on the Find Legal Answers and Drug Info websites and information from legal and community agencies.  

You can use the suggested social media posts on your channels during Youth Week or at any time of the year.

How to use this kit

  1. Share provided social media posts and images on your social media accounts
  2. Add the hashtag #NSWYouthWeek during Youth Week in April
  3. Follow us on Facebook and like and share our posts: Find Legal Answers and Drug Info   

Social media posts

A selection of social media posts have been created for you to share across your social media channels. 

Simply copy and paste the content and download the relevant image to share on your social media channels. 

Find Legal Answers

These posts highlight content on the Find Legal Answers website and information from legal agencies. 

Day-to-day life can bring out a lot of legal problems which can be frightening and super stressful for young people. It is important that you know your rights, and where you can get help if you need it. Check out these helpful resources: #NSWPublicLibraries #LegalAnswersNSW  

Did you know there are legal services that can give free legal advice to young people? Find where you can go for help at #NSWPublicLibraries #LegalAnswersNSW  

Confused by driving laws? Wondering what your rights are at work? Check out these great fact sheets from Youth Law Australia: #NSWPublicLibraries #LegalAnswersNSW

Looking to rent a place but confused about the law? Check out these helpful fact sheets from the Tenants' Union of NSW: #NSWPublicLibraries #LegalAnswersNSW  

Calling all #LegalStudies students, we’ve put together a list of resources to help you with your studies! Visit the legal information for students page and explore our research guides and videos #NSWPublicLibraries #LegalAnswersNSW

Under 18? Do you know your legal rights? Find information at #NSWPublicLibraries #LegalAnswersNSW

Crashed your car? Find out what to do if your car is damaged in a car accident #NSWPublicLibraries #LegalAnswersNSW  

How can the law help you? Find out in these videos for young people by Legal Aid NSW: #NSWPublicLibraries #LegalAnswersNSW

Drug Info

These posts highlight content on the Drug Info website and information from health agencies.  

Visit the #DrugInfo page to learn about drug and alcohol issues affecting young people, resources for students, and where to go for help: #NSWPublicLibraries  

Visit the #RespectYourBrain campaign page to find out more about the impact of five commonly used drugs in Australia and the way they affect a young person’s developing brain #NSWPublicLibraries  

Young people who already experience mental health problems, or who have a family history of mental health problems, are more sensitive to the effects of alcohol and other drugs. Visit #DrugInfo for more information and where to get help: #NSWPublicLibraries  

Many vapes contain nicotine, which you can become addicted to very quickly. Do you know what you’re vaping? Get the facts at #NSWPublicLibraries  

Depending on the size of the vape and nicotine strength, the amount of nicotine in a single vape can be much higher. 
Do you know what you’re vaping? Get the facts at #NSWPublicLibraries  

Calling all #PDHPE students - Drug Info's research guide contains a list of resources to help you with your studies! Visit #DrugInfo today and find the research guide and other information: #NSWPublicLibraries


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