Future of public libraries

Last updated:  05 March 2024

Bookends Scenarios

In 2014 the State Library engaged the Neville Freeman Agency to revisit the framework developed as part of the 2009 Bookends Scenarios in the Building on the Bookends project.

The project involved carrying out research, interviews and workshops with over 50 representatives from NSW public libraries, the State Library and library stakeholders to answer the question: what do we need to do in order for public libraries to be successful in 2030?

The Building on the Bookends Scenarios report tracks how we have been travelling along the scenario pathways developed in 2009 and presents a series of strategic options that libraries could implement in order be innovative, sustainable and resilient in the future.

Project resources

The Thought leadership report 

The Future of Public Libraries Forum report summarises the conversation of the delegates at the Forum on 29 August 2014. It was also used as a key input for a strategy-building workshop in October 2014.