Drug & Alcohol Info Pop-Up

Last updated:  20 May 2024

The Drug & Alcohol Info Pop-Up is an interactive information display available to all NSW public libraries. 

The aim of the pop-up is to provide up-to-date and accessible information about drugs and alcohol and identify support networks and agencies within the local community.

About the program

This installation replaces the Drug & Alcohol Info Hub and mini hub programs, which were very successful in delivering programs, events and information around alcohol and other drugs to communities across NSW.

The pop-up is colourful, lightweight and portable, making it ideal for travelling between library branches as part of mobile libraries, community fairs and other community outreach events.

Incorporated into the Drug & Alcohol Info Pop-Up program is the Drug Fact Finder, an interactive tablet-based display.  

Pop-Up display

Libraries hosting the Drug & Alcohol Info Pop-Up will receive:

  • an iPad stand plus an iPad loaded with the Drug Fact Finder - this stand is powered, and an extension cord and iPad plug are supplied
  • a pull-up Drug Info banner
  • a standard drinks educational pouring and display kit
  • a Know Your Limits beer goggle kit
  • a Big Night Out board game
  • the Drug Info activity booklet
Drug Fact Finder

The Drug Fact Finder is a tablet-based display which provides an interactive component to the Drug & Alcohol Info Pop-Up.

The Drug Fact Finder features:

  • colourful images
  • facts about 16 different drugs
  • quiz questions
  • QR-code links to more detailed information on the Drug Info website.

Public libraries do not have to wait until they are hosting the Drug & Alcohol Info Pop-Up. The Drug Fact Finder can be displayed in the library at any time. Simply set up an iPad in a display stand and set up some Drug Info signage with the Drug Info collection and some promotional resources. The Drug Fact Finder is at the following URL:

Go to Drug Fact Finder

NOTE: For best results the Drug Fact Finder should be displayed via the Kiosk Pro application which is included on the home screen of iPads supplied with the Drug & Alcohol Info Pop-Up. 

Libraries displaying the Drug Fact Finder on their own devices can contact Drug Info for further information.

Program requirements

During the display period the host library is required to display the interactive stands in their library and run a minimum of two events or activities in their community. As the Pop-Up is portable, libraries may choose to take it for display at different branches of the library service, or at outreach events. Some ideas for promotion outside the library include:

  • mobile libraries and library vans
  • a library stall at community fairs and festivals
  • visits to schools and external youth events.

The Drug & Alcohol Info Pop-Up program is based on the existing Know Your Standards and Know Your Drug Facts programs for public libraries.

Preparing to host

There are a number of ways to get the most out of the Drug & Alcohol Info Pop-Up. Before hosting:

  • check your library’s stock of Drug Info promotional material. For more information and the online order form, see our promotional material page.
  • contact your local Community Drug Action Team (CDAT) to let them know. Drug Info encourages public libraries to work with local CDATs to improve community awareness of drug and alcohol issues. See our Community Drug Action Teams page for more information.

Reporting and evaluation 

The Drug & Alcohol Info Pop-Up is an evaluated program and host libraries are asked to complete an evaluation at the end of the display period using the online form below.

Feedback from your community 

Where possible libraries hosting the Pop-Up are asked to collect feedback from the public at events and activities during the hosting period. Download the public feedback form from the Resources section below.


Drug & Alcohol Info Pop-Up guide

This program guide is included in the folder that is packed into the Drug & Alcohol Info Pop-Up delivery case.

Installation guides

One of the following instruction guides has been included in the folder that is packed into Drug & Alcohol Info Pop-Up delivery cases. The installation guide packed will depend on which Pop-Up the library is hosting. Contact Drug Info staff if you are not sure which guide to download. 

Drug Info activity booklet

The Drug Info activity booklet is filled with great suggestions for promotions and activities. This booklet will be supplied to libraries hosting the Pop-Up. 

Public feedback form

Feedback from the community assists us to meet community information needs about alcohol and other drugs. Print off this form and make it available at Drug Info events while hosting the Pop-Up.

Media release

Promote the Pop-Up to your community by using this media release or adapting it to suit your needs.

Promotional material

Order promotional material from the Drug Info section of the Promotional material page


Drug Fact posters: A3 and A4 size PDFs, available in yellow, white and grey

Drug Fact Finder QR code quiz: A4 size PDF, available in 10 colour themes

Literary Mocktail posters: A4 and A3 size PDFs, 9 posters available

Activity and program resources

Find the Facts scavenger hunt (PDF): a fun in-library activity using the NSW Health Drug Fact booklets.

Drug Facts activity sheet (PDF): instructions for running a basic drug facts activity using the booklets from NSW Health.

Know Your Standards quiz (PDF): quiz questions to hand out to library users or include as part of standard drink demonstrations.

Drug Fact trivia questions (PDF): quiz questions to use in Know Your Drug Facts programs and at general library trivia events.

Big Night Out game: an educational board game that can be played by up to six people. Big Night Out simulates the experience of going to a party via a series of scenarios that encourage players to think about the consequences of their choices.

Your Room games and tools: Your Room's interactive tools include a quiz on alcohol and other drugs and the standard drinks calculator.

Pure Rush online game: available as both online and as an app, Pure Rush is an interactive game providing a fun and engaging way to learn about the negative effects of drugs.  

Mocktail resources: our mocktails page has a range of resources and ideas for using mocktails in library programming.

Social media

Your library's social media channels are one of the most effective ways to promote the Pop-Up, and there are resources available on Drug Info's social media page.

Suggested social media text
  • How do you find the facts when it comes to drug and alcohol? Use the Drug Fact Finder at [Name of Library] on display as part of the Drug & Alcohol Info Pop-Up. Come along to find important community information and test your knowledge with an interactive quiz
  • Do you know how much is in your pour? Take the standards drinks pouring challenge at [Name of Library] on [Time and date]. This activity is part of the Drug & Alcohol Info Pop-Up now on display at the library
  • Drug and alcohol info hits the road! Test your knowledge with the Drug Fact Finder and pick up a Drug Info showbag. The Drug & Alcohol Info Pop-Up will be on display at [Name of location] on [Time and date]

Getting involved

Would your library like to host the Drug & Alcohol Info Pop-Up? 

Contact the Drug Info team for more information.