Delivering Drug Info at your library

Last updated:  24 June 2024

Public libraries are safe spaces, accessible and open to all which makes them the perfect place to access quality, up to date information about alcohol and other drugs. 

On this page you will learn about the information included in Drug Info and how public libraries provide access to this information to their communities. You will also find ideas and resources for promoting Drug Info through programs, events and activities.

Information in your library

NSW Public library users can access information about alcohol and other drugs through books, pamphlets and fact sheets that can be added to public library collections and made available for distribution to the community. 

Drug Info books

There are a limited number of plain-English Australian books about alcohol and other drugs available. Public libraries may choose to make these items available for loan or keep them together as a set in their reference collection. Books may be interfiled within the library's main collections. 

A Quick Guide to Drugs & Alcohol (3rd edition): National Drug and Alcohol Centre (NDARC), Steve Bolt, 2017

An easy to read reference book with information on a range of drugs, drug effects, drugs and driving, pregnancy, treatment, statistics, drugs and the law and where to go for help and further information.

This book is now out of print. It is available in full-text to read and download on the Drug Info website.

Healthy Spirit Healthy Community: Alcohol and Drug Foundation (ADF) in conjunction with the Victorian Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Organisation (VACCHO), 2016

An easy-to-read booklet with information on a range of drugs and their effects including: mixing drugs, pregnancy, the law, reducing the harm of drugs and where to go for help.

This booklet is now out of print. It is available in full-text to read and download on the Your Room website.

Teenagers, Alcohol and Drugs: what your kids really want and need to know about alcohol and drugs: Paul Dillon, Allen & Unwin, 2009
ISBN  9781741756807

Answers commonly asked questions about alcohol and drugs and shows how parents can get these important conversations started with their kids.

This book can be purchased from the publisher website.

Drug Info pamphlets

The Your Room website, by NSW Health and St Vincent’s Alcohol and Drug Information Service (ADIS) provides community information and resources about alcohol and other drugs. Your Room also offers booklets, fact sheets and other resources that can be ordered by public libraries and made available to the community.

Drug Facts booklets

A collection of 15 booklets providing information on different drugs and where to go for help. 

Alcohol guides

Provides information about the risks associated with binge drinking and tips for having a safe night when alcohol is around. Two booklets are available, Your guide to dealing with alcohol is for teenagers, and Your guide to dealing with teenagers and alcohol is for parents and carers.

Guides to dealing with grog

Your guide to dealing with grog and Your guide to dealing with teenagers and grog have information for Aboriginal teenagers, parents and carers about the risks associated with binge drinking and tips for having a safe and enjoyable night when alcohol is around.

Aggression, alcohol and drug use in the home

Provides information on how alcohol and other drugs can influence a person's behaviour, including behaviours that are aggressive, abusive and violent. Two booklets are available, one for teenagers and one for adults.

Drug Info displays

Displays in your library can be a great way of highlighting the drug and alcohol information available in your library, as well as removing the stigma around starting a conversation about alcohol and other drugs.

There are many ways of making an impact via a library display, whether creating an eye-catching front-of-library display, or by simply revamping the drug and alcohol information area in your library.

Display ideas

Drug Info collection

Set up your Drug Info collection along with posters, Drug Info signage, pamphlets from Your Room and promotional material.

Young adult area

Set up your youth area with Drug Info and The Facts about Vaping posters. If your youth area has a digital screen, add the Respect Your Brain videos from NSW Health to your rotation. Place Drug Fact QR code quiz posters on study desks and lounge areas.

Information screens

Download digital screen resources including the Alcohol: Get the Facts video, Respect Your Brain videos and Drug Info digital signage to your library’s digital screen carousels.

Desk display

Select a different item from the Drug Info collection to display at the front desk or counter each month, along with a selection of giveaway postcards/bookmarks/other promotional material. If you have tablets available for display. 

Did You Know?

Create a “Did you know?” Drug Facts display. Use coloured balloons, posters or other display items that match the covers to create an eye-catching display to draw attention.

Mocktail displays

Use literary mocktail posters to highlight the alcohol-free recipes available and set up recipe cards for distribution. Create special themed displays at relevant times of the year using posters for seasonal literary mocktails such as summer (Fraise in the Sun), Christmas (Bah Humbug) and winter (The Toddy in the Library). Include mocktail posters and recipe cards in general library book displays.

Youth Week display

Hold a library display during Youth Week or Library Week to showcase your collection and service in your local community. 

Graffiti wall

Make a graffiti art wall on poster paper with facts about drugs, slogans, myth-busters and information about where to get help in your local community. Ask clients to contribute their own art work, doodles or information on sticky notes. Provide take-home show bags or pamphlets nearby.

Display resources

Promotional material

Promote Drug Info information to your community with a range of promotional material available to order free of charge to NSW public libraries. Available material includes postcards and mocktail recipe cards, bookmarks, flyers and more.

Display Drug Info promotional material in a display stand with booklets from Your Room and Drug Info signage, or distribute with other community information in prominent areas of your library.

Posters and downloads

Use Drug Info posters to liven up your displays, or use for display in youth areas, at library service points and community information areas.

Digital screens

Ensure your library’s Drug Info service is visible to your community through your library’s digital screens and signage. Use any of the image and video files below.

Drug Info online

The information on alcohol and other drugs provided by Drug Info extends beyond print resources, with a wealth of information available online. There are also a range of resources available to promote Drug Info’s information online.

Drug Info website

The Drug Info website includes an A to Z of Drugs with information about a range of psychoactive drugs used in the community. You will also find information for different groups in the community and where to go for help and support.

You should also make sure your library website includes a link to the Drug Info website. Libraries may download the web tiles below to create a button on your website to link to Drug Info.

The Drug Fact Finder

The Drug Fact Finder is an interactive tablet-based display available to public libraries at any time. Simply set up an iPad in a display stand and set up some Drug Info signage with the Drug Info collection and some promotional resources. The Drug Fact Finder features:

  • colourful images
  • facts about 16 different drugs
  • quiz questions
  • QR-code links to more detailed information on the Drug Info website.


Media and communications

Drug Info social media

Use Drug Info’s social media kit to promote the website and your Drug Info service on your library’s social media channels.

Library eNewsletters

Create short articles about Drug Info to share in your library newsletter. These can be copied from Drug Info news items or created using the informative material on the Drug Info website.

Drug Info news is featured regularly in the monthly PLS eNewsletter. Subscribe to PLS eNews for regular updates on Drug Info news and initiatives to share with your community.


Drug Info Activity Booklet

Library staff do not always get asked questions about alcohol and other drugs by library visitors, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a need for information in the community. One of the best ways of promoting Drug Info to your community is through events and activities. These can be run as standalone events, be incorporated into regular library programming or as part of larger education and awareness programs.

To assist in planning Drug Info events and programs and incorporating Drug Info into regular library programming, public library staff can use the Drug Info Activity Booklet. This resource includes a range of ideas for delivering Drug Info, with real-world examples and case studies from NSW public library events, displays and other activities.

Download the Drug Info Activity Booklet below.

Drug Info programs

Drug Info has three programs available for delivering important information about alcohol and other drugs to NSW communities through public libraries. Learn more below.

The Drug & Alcohol Info Pop-Up

One of the most effective ways of promoting your library's Drug Info service is to display it prominently, whether inside the library or during community outreach events. The Drug Info team has developed the Drug & Alcohol Info Pop-Up. The pop-up is colourful, lightweight and portable, and is easy to set up, move and dismantle.

The pop-up consists of a pull-up Drug Info banner, an iPad and iPad stand to display the Drug Fact Finder, the standard drinks resin kit and Know Your Limits (beer goggles) kit. These resources can be used to facilitate interactive activities to further promote your drug and alcohol information service.

Know Your Standards program

The Know Your Standards program was designed by Drug Info to increase awareness about standard drinks through a range of fun activities and promotional resources. Each NSW library service has been supplied a standard drink pouring and display kit. The kits can be used in a range of educational activities and displays designed to increase awareness about standard drinks.  

Know Your Drug Facts program

Know Your Drug Facts is a drug education program and awareness campaign delivered in public libraries in NSW. The aim of the program is to provide community members with information and resources to improve their knowledge and awareness of legal and illegal drugs, their effects and the consequences of their use.


Promotion of Drug Info through events and interactive activities is one of the most effective ways of ensuring visibility of the Drug Info service in public libraries. On this page you will find resources and ideas to support events for many different audiences. These may be standalone Drug Info events or regular library programming that incorporates Drug Info resources.

Drug Info events

Promote Drug Info through events at different times of the year. Many libraries already participate in events such as Youth Week and the NSW Seniors Festival. Below you will find ideas for how to include Drug Info in your event planning.

Youth Week events

Provide mocktails at your library’s Youth Week events or run a beer goggle activity. Distribute Drug Info showbags and promotional resources.

HSC lock-ins and study period events/Schoolies

Hold sessions for year 12 students prior to Schoolies. These can be delivered in schools or at an HSC ‘Lock-In’ event. Distribute Drug Info showbags, place QR-code quiz posters in study spaces throughout the library, or host standard drink and beer goggle sessions.

NSW Seniors Festival events

Host a mocktail making session and include a standard drinks demonstration as part of your library's NSW Seniors Festival program. 


General library events

In addition to promoting your Drug Info service through library displays, standalone events and activities, the resources and promotional material provided by Drug Info can make the perfect accompaniment to general library events. Hosting an author talk? Why not serve mocktails? You could even create your own recipe and name it after a book by the author appearing at your event! A beer goggle demonstration makes for a fun addition to any library activity while also conveying an important message. Even distributing showbags at the conclusion of a library event can have an impact.

Author talks and other library events

Set up a mocktail table at the entrance of your event and offer attendees a refreshing drink as they enter. Make recipe cards and other promotional material available and display Drug Info signage. Get creative and name your mocktail in honour of the author/guest speaker or the subject matter of the event.

Book clubs and other library meeting groups

Give a standard drinks session to library reading groups, youth groups or other client groups. Serve mocktails and distribute recipe cards and Drug Info showbags.

Mother's groups and storytime sessions

Offer a Know Your Standards session at the end of the event, or distribute mocktail recipe cards and other promotional resources.

National Backyard Cricket Day

National Backyard Cricket Day is a campaign from the LBW Trust to fund educational initiatives in Australia and in cricketing nations worldwide. Funding is provided to NSW libraries for educational projects and technological upgrades. With its cricketing theme, Fraise in the Sun is the perfect mocktail to serve at National Backyard Cricket Day event at your library.


Outreach events

Promoting healthy messages around alcohol and other drugs does not have to stop at your library doors. With more and more libraries taking their services out to their communities, Drug Info’s promotional and educational resources are a great opportunity to build and strengthen relationships with schools, local organisations and the general community. Below are just a few suggestions for taking Drug Info on the road.

Fairs and festivals

Is your library hosting a stall at your community fair or festival? Is there an upcoming health and wellness expo or health fair in your area? Speak to organisers about running a Drug Info stall. Take along a Drug Info pop-up banner to stand out in the crowd. Run a standard drinks activity, a
beer goggles activity or set up a mocktail bar. Hand out Drug Info showbags and offer Drug Info promotional resources at the stall. Take iPads to display the interactive Drug Fact Finder.

Pop up library events

Take Drug Info material along to a pop-up library event at your local shopping centre, outdoor market, swimming pool or park.

At schools and youth organisations

Deliver an information session at your local high school, PCYC or other youth-focused community group. Run a beer goggle demonstration, distribute showbags and promotional material such as PDHPE bookmarks. Promote useful resources such as the youth pages of the Drug Info website and the PDHPE research guide.

Activity ideas

Looking for inspiration? Here are some ideas for activities to run during your Drug Info, library and outreach events.

Know Your Standards activities

See the activities section of the Know Your Standards program for standard drink and beer goggle activities.

Know Your Drug Facts activities

See the activities section of the Know Your Drug Facts program for activities about drug facts.

Literary mocktail activities

Mocktails are a great alternative to alcoholic drinks for designated drivers, pregnant women, people wanting to reduce their alcohol intake, young people or anyone who wants to avoid alcohol. Drug Info has created a set of mocktails – these book-themed drinks are accompanied with colourful recipe cards perfect for library displays and social media posts. Recipe cards are available to order through Drug Info’s promotions form. Drug Info has also created a suite of mocktail resources to use on your library’s social media channels.

See our mocktails page for recipes and resources.

Mocktail displays

Set up a display table with pre-made mocktails decorated with garnishes and cocktail umbrellas. Print off literary mocktail posters and distribute mocktail recipe cards. 

Setting up a book display? Include a relevant mocktail recipe and display the poster and recipe cards.

Mocktail tasting

Set up a display table in a prominent position in your library and provide library users with a refreshing mocktail. You may choose to make a large batch of one literary mocktail recipe in a punchbowl, or make them all and offer a choice. Place mocktail recipe cards on the table for distribution.

Mocktail making

Run a mocktail making event in your library, providing participants with all the ingredients they will need to make Drug Info’s literary mocktail recipes, or get creative and offer the opportunity to create a new recipe. Bring along a judging panel and offer prizes to the most delicious concoction.

Mocktail naming

Create your own mocktail recipe and hold a competition in your library to give it a name. You may choose to retain the literary theme of the Drug Info recipes, or choose a name specific to your community.

Mocktails at library events

Set up a mocktail stall at author talks, film screenings and other library events. Come up with a mocktail named in honour of the author or event theme.

Mocktails at fairs and festivals

Running a library stall at your local community fair? Give attendees some refreshment with a mocktail, accompanied by Drug Info’s recipe cards. Print off A3 mocktail posters for an eye-catching display.


The use of games in education has been demonstrated to increase engagement and motivation in both school-aged and adult learners. Drug Info’s suite of resources and activities provides an opportunity to deliver important health messages around alcohol and other drugs in fun, inclusive ways.

Public libraries often include games as part of programming, for both youth and general audiences. This includes board games, computer games and trivia among others. Hosting a games afternoon/evening, trivia night or youth event? Drug Info has a range of game resources to include in your program.

Board games
  • Big Night Out

An educational board game that can be played by up to six people. Big Night Out simulates the experience of going to a party via a series of scenarios that encourage players to think about the consequences of their choices. Public libraries can borrow a copy of Big Night Out from Drug Info. 

  • Drug Fact Bingo

Entertain your library community with a fun and interactive game of bingo to promote the quality information about alcohol and other drugs available through Drug Info. Drug Fact Bingo includes a discussion guide with information about a range of different psychoactive drugs and can be played by up to 30 participants.

Trivia/Quiz games
Drug Fact trivia

Host a Drug Fact trivia event, or include a Drug Info round in a general library trivia event. Use the prepared questions included in the Know Your Drug Facts program, or use the Drug Info website or Drug Fact booklets to create your own.

Drug Fact scavenger hunt

Place the Drug Fact booklets at different locations around the library, with 15 drug facts to discover. The activity can be completed individually or in groups. Detailed instructions are included as part of the Know Your Drug Facts program.

Drug Fact Finder QR-code quiz

An A4 poster that can be printed and distributed throughout your library. Drug and alcohol trivia questions are accessible via QR code.

Online games
Pure Rush

Available as both online and as an app, Pure Rush is an interactive game providing a fun and engaging way to learn about the negative effects of drugs. Players must avoid drugs to race for the best time. Learn more at the Pure Rush website or download from the app store. Include Pure Rush in your games night or bookmark for your youth computers.

The Quiz Room

The Quiz Room is an online trivia game on NSW Health’s Your Room website. The game features questions about a number of different drugs with three difficulty settings. Set up an iPad/tablet with the standard drinks calculator and ask attendees to try it out.

Standard Drink Calculator

Your Room’s Standard Drink calculator allows users to pour measures of alcohol in 10 different types of glasses and compare with the standard drink pour for each. Set up an iPad/tablet with the Standard Drink Calculator and ask attendees to try it out.