Legal, drug and alcohol information for seniors social media kit

Last updated:  08 May 2024

Libraries can provide information about many everyday issues that affect older people. 

Posting on social media is a great way to let the older people in your community know that the library is a source of information about the law, drugs and alcohol, and where they can find information and help.

About this campaign

The purpose of this social media campaign is to raise awareness of legal and drug and alcohol issues amongst older people and where they can find information and help. The campaign is targeted at older people. 

This kit provides you with online resources that can be shared with your community. It highlights content on the Find Legal Answers website and Drug Info websites and information from legal and community agencies.  

You can use the suggested social media posts on your channels during the NSW Seniors Festival or at any time of the year.

How to use this kit

  1. Share provided social media posts and images on your social media accounts
  2. Add the hashtags #NSWPublicLibraries and #LegalAnswersNSW OR #DrugInfo
  3. Add the hashtag #NSWSeniorsFestival during the NSW Seniors Festival in March
  4. Follow us on Facebook and like and share our posts: Find Legal Answers and Drug Info

Sample posts

A selection of social media posts have been created for you to share across your social media channels. 

Copy and paste the content and download the relevant image to share on your social media channels. 

Find Legal Answers

These posts highlight content on the Find Legal Answers website and information from legal agencies.


Worried about scams? Find out about the different types of scams, how to report a scam, and where you can get help at Scamwatch #NSWPublicLibraries #LegalAnswersNSW

Do you know what the most common scams are? Find out at Scamwatch #NSWPublicLibraries #LegalAnswersNSW

Did you know there are legal services that can give free legal advice? Find where you can go for help at #NSWPublicLibraries #LegalAnswersNSW  

Problems with debt can happen at any age. The book 'Dealing with debt: a legal guide to personal debt in NSW' helps debtors in NSW to resolve their debt problems. It helps debtors to understand common types of debt and debt recovery processes, consider alternatives for managing debt issues, and respond to debt recovery action in the Local Court of NSW. Find it at your local library or online at #NSWPublicLibraries #LegalAnswersNSW  

Want to learn more about the law? Check out ‘Rest Assured’ – a legal guide which helps explains wills and the legal processes when someone dies in NSW. Get it free here: #NSWPublicLibraries #LegalAnswersNSW

Did you know that the Seniors Rights Service provides advice on legal issues to older people in NSW? Find out more about their free and confidential legal advice service at: #NSWPublicLibraries #LegalAnswersNSW  

Do you know the signs of abuse or neglect of an older person? Find out about the types of behaviours and signs to look out for at: #NSWPublicLibraries #LegalAnswersNSW

Drug Info

These posts highlight content on the Drug Info website and information from health agencies.  

Visit for more information on drugs and alcohol and the law, as well as links to getting help, current guidelines and staying healthy #DrugInfo #NSWPublicLibraries

How much do you know about drugs and alcohol? Visit #DrugInfo and find out more #NSWPublicLibraries

Did you know that alcohol is the most common drug used by older people? Older people in Australia are less likely to binge drink but are the most likely age groups to be daily drinkers. Find out more about alcohol guidelines by visiting #DrugInfo #NSWPublicLibraries  

Did you know that regularly drinking a lot of alcohol over time is likely to cause problems for your health and wellbeing? #GetTheFacts about alcohol and where to get help and support at #NSWPublicLibraries  

Visit #DrugInfo to find out more about drug laws in NSW, drugs and driving and more #NSWPublicLibraries  

Using alcohol at the same time as any other drug can be dangerous. This includes drinking alcohol while taking prescribed medications and over-the-counter medications. Learn more at #NSWPublicLibraries  

If you or someone you know is struggling with drugs or alcohol, there are free and confidential resources to help you – visit #DrugInfo to find out more about getting help #NSWPublicLibraries  


To find an image for your post you can:

  • Choose an image from the zip file below, or
  • Source images from paid and free image providers (for example, Pexels, Pixabay, Unsplash or iStock).