Standards and guidelines

Living Learning Libraries

The Library Council of NSW has recommended minimum standards and guidelines for public library services in NSW, to help councils assess the level of service given by their public libraries to their communities.

Older male and small child at a library service counter

Library Council guidelines

The Library Council of NSW issues guidelines for local authorities operating NSW public libraries under section 10(5) of the Library Act 1939.

Spiral staircase with a bookcase at the bottom

Best practice guidelines

Overhead view of stairs and amphitheatre

People places

A guide to assist library staff with the planning and design of public library buildings. 

katoomba library interior with indigenous books

Indigenous spaces in library places

A strategy to encourage public libraries across NSW to build greater awareness, support and engagement with Indigenous peoples and communities.

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Digital practice guidelines

The guidelines provide an introduction for public libraries that are involved in digitisation projects, including providing access and storage for born digital objects and digital preservation.

Female toddler reading a picture book

Early language and literacy framework

The framework provides guidance for public library staff to ensure these sessions optimise their early literacy and early learning impact.

Additional resources

The APLA-ALIA Standards and Guidelines for Australian Public Libraries, May 2021 were developed by the Australian Public Library Alliance and the Australian Library and Information Association. These standards are designed to be used in conjunction with state and territory standards and guidelines.