Drug Info for public libraries

Anyone visiting your library may need information about alcohol or other drugs. They may be concerned about a family member, doing a school assignment, or simply wanting to know the health implications of alcohol or caffeine consumption. Even if they have never asked a question about drugs or alcohol, libraries can help people with their information needs.

Drug Info is a partnership between the NSW Ministry of Health, the State Library of NSW and NSW public libraries. 

The State Library provides quality information about drugs and alcohol via the Drug Info website, educational resources, promotional material and drug and alcohol awareness campaigns. The Library also provides professional development courses which build the skills, knowledge and confidence of public library staff to meet the information needs of their communities about alcohol and other drugs.


Providing drug and alcohol information to your community

Public libraries are safe spaces, accessible and open to all which makes them the perfect place to access quality, up to date information about alcohol and other drugs.


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Drug & Alcohol Info Pop-Up

The Drug & Alcohol Info Pop-Up is a travelling interactive information display providing access to quality drug and alcohol information for the community. 

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Know Your Standards program

Know Your Standards is an alcohol awareness program delivered in public libraries in NSW.

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Know Your Drug Facts program

Know Your Drug Facts is a drug education program and awareness campaign delivered in public libraries in NSW. 

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Literary mocktails

Drug Info's collection of literary mocktails provide a fun alternative to alcohol with book-themed recipes to suit all tastes and seasons.

Literary mocktails are an opportunity to promote healthy drinking in the community. 

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Professional development

Keep in touch

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Drug Info website

Free information about drugs, alcohol and the law for the community of New South Wales.

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