Legal information social media kit

Last updated:  08 May 2024

Libraries can provide information about many everyday legal issues. 

Posting on your social media channels is a great way to let your community know that the library is a source of legal information, and to let them know where they can find information and help.

About this campaign

The purpose of this social media campaign is to raise awareness of legal issues in the community and where people can find information and help. The campaign is targeted at anyone with a legal issue. 

This kit provides you with online resources that can be shared with your community. It highlights content on the Find Legal Answers website and information from legal agencies.  

You can use the suggested social media posts on your channels during Law Week or at any time of the year.

How to use this kit

  1. Share provided social media posts and images on your social media accounts
  2. Add the hashtag #NSWLawWeek during Law Week in May
  3. Follow us on Facebook and like and share our posts: Find Legal Answers   

Sample posts

A selection of social media posts have been created for you to share across your social media channels. 

Copy and paste the content and download the relevant image to share on your social media channels. 

Are you dealing with a legal matter – like a noisy neighbour or making a will? Check out these free guides to help you navigate the law with ease: #NSWPublicLibraries #LegalAnswersNSW 

Want to learn more about the law? ‘The Law handbook’ is a practical guide to the 40 most common legal topics that you deal with in your everyday life. Get it online for free: #NSWPublicLibraries #LegalAnswersNSW

Got an issue with your neighbour? Check out ‘Neighbours and the Law’ – an easy-to-understand legal guide to neighbourhood issues and disputes, including fences, animals and noise. Get it free here: #NSWPublicLibraries #LegalAnswersNSW  

Want to learn more about the law? Check out ‘Rest Assured’ – a legal guide which helps explains wills and the legal processes when someone dies in NSW. Get it free here: #NSWPublicLibraries #LegalAnswersNSW  

Struggling with debt? 'Dealing with debt: a legal guide to personal debt in NSW'  helps debtors in NSW understand common types of debt and debt recovery processes, consider alternatives for managing debt issues, and respond to debt recovery action in the Local Court of NSW. Read it for free at your local public library or find it at #NSWPublicLibraries #LegalAnswersNSW

Need help with a legal problem? Find sources of free legal help at: #NSWPublicLibraries #LegalAnswersNSW  

Representing yourself? Find information to help you resolve your matter and navigate the legal system at: #NSWPublicLibraries #LegalAnswersNSW #NSWLawWeek

Having a problem with your rental accommodation? Find information and advice here:  #NSWPublicLibraries #LegalAnswersNSW  

Having money problems? Find information and where to get help:  #NSWPublicLibraries #LegalAnswersNSW

Do you know the 10 most common scams? Are scammers more likely to target you via your phone or email? What age group is most commonly scammed? Find out at Scamwatch #NSWPublicLibraries #LegalAnswersNSW 

Scammers are getting increasingly sophisticated in their attempts to get your money or personal details. Get some tips about how to protect yourself from scammers from Scamwatch #NSWPublicLibraries #LegalAnswersNSW


To find an image for your post you can:

  • Choose an image from the zip file below, or
  • Source images from paid and free image providers (for example, Pexels, Pixabay, Unsplash or iStock).