Public Library Services

The State Library's Public Library Services team provides specialist advice and support to all local councils providing public library services to the people of NSW.

Statement from the State Librarian

The State Library of NSW supports free and equitable access to books and information.

Public libraries in NSW operate in accordance with the Library Act 1939 and Guidelines issued under the Act by the Library Council of NSW.

The guidelines make it clear that the community can expect to enter their local library and access any book not subject to Commonwealth restriction.

We are working closely with and providing expertise to the Minister for the Arts, the Hon John Graham MLC, concerning Cumberland City Council’s recent decision to exclude books on same-sex parenting from their libraries. The State Library of NSW supports the Minister’s statement: ‘It’s up to readers to choose what they want to read.’

Dr Caroline Butler-Bowdon, State Librarian, supported by the Library Council of NSW.

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