Know Your Drug Facts program

Last updated:  30 May 2024

Know Your Drug Facts is a drug education program and awareness campaign delivered in public libraries in NSW.

The aim of the program is to provide community members with information and resources to improve their knowledge and awareness of legal and illegal drugs, their effects and the consequences of their use.

This page provides links and information to help you implement the Know Your Drug Facts program in your library.

Getting started

Start by reading the Know your Drug Facts tool kit, which provides the information you need to run the program in your library including:

  • background information about drugs and why people use drugs
  • the Drug Facts kit
  • material to print or order
  • suggested activities


The following resources can be used to support and deliver your library programs, events and promotional activities.

Know Your Drug Facts toolkit

The Know Your Drug Facts toolkit provides all the information you need to deliver a Know Your Drug Facts program in your library.

Drug facts kit

Each library service in NSW has been supplied with a Drug Facts Kit for use in reference work, public programs and displays, as part of the Know Your Drug Facts program.

The pack contains:

  • 15 NSW Health Drug Facts booklets (Alcohol, Amyl Nitrite, Benzodiazepines, Cannabis, Cocaine, Ecstasy, Energy drinks and Caffeine, GHB, Hallucinogens, Heroin, Inhalants, Ketamine, Methamphetamine, Speed & Ice, Steroids and Synthetic drugs)
  • A5 fold-out brochure holder
  • A quick guide to drugs and alcohol, 3rd edition
  • Cardboard foldable poster
  • Carry bag

The aim of the kit is to:

  • increase clients’ knowledge of legal and illegal drugs and their effects
  • provide clients with engaging and interactive activities to increase sustainable learning regarding legal and illicit drugs

The kit is supported by other print resources held in public libraries such as items in the Drug Info book collection and by information on the Drug Info website.

The kit can be used in in-house library displays, reference work, outreach activities such as pop-up libraries and expos, or to deliver an educational drug information activity workshop session. After attending a session clients will:

  • understand about alcohol and a wide range of drugs, how they can affect people, their side effects and withdrawal
  • understand about laws on drugs, including driving under the influence of alcohol or other drugs
  • know where to access support services for themselves or for anyone else who needs it.
Drug Fact Finder

The Drug Fact Finder is a tablet-based display which provides an interactive component to the Drug & Alcohol Info Pop-Up.

The Drug Fact Finder features:

  • colourful images
  • facts about 16 different drugs
  • quiz questions
  • QR-code links to more detailed information on the Drug Info website.

The Drug Fact Finder can be displayed in the library at any time. Simply set up an iPad in a display stand and set up some Drug Info signage with the Drug Info collection and some promotional resources. 

NOTE: For best results the Drug Fact Finder should be displayed via the Kiosk Pro application which is included on the home screen of iPads supplied with the Drug & Alcohol Info Pop-Up. Libraries displaying the Drug Fact Finder on their own devices should contact Drug Info for further guidance.

Drug Fact Finder QR code quiz

Liven up your library spaces and promote the information available on the Drug Info website with colourful posters featuring a QR code link to the Drug Fact Finder quiz.

The Drug Fact QR code can be downloaded below and printed in 10 different colours. 

NOTE: This is a 10-page PDF. Be sure to change your print settings for less than 10 pages.

Drug Fact bingo 

Entertain your library community with a fun and interactive game of bingo to promote the quality information about alcohol and other drugs available through Drug Info.

Drug Fact Bingo is suitable for your program of events for the upcoming NSW Seniors Festival and available any time for in-library programming and outreach events.

Drug Fact Bingo includes a discussion guide with information about a range of different psychoactive drugs and can be played by up to 30 participants.

Scavenger hunt

Instructions for running a Drug Info scavenger hunt in your library, using the 15 Drug Facts booklets from NSW Health.

Fact sheets 

NSW Health has produced a range of information booklets and fact sheets about alcohol and specific drugs. 

Big Night Out game

Big Night Out is an interactive board game that explores adolescent risk taking and party behaviour. It is an educational resource that encourages safe choices through lively discussion.

This game can be played in an individual or group setting.

  • Request a loan of the Big Night Out game via the online form.
Online game

Test Your Knowledge is an online game from NSW Health.

Test your knowledge of drugs and alcohol by answering drug-related trivia questions correctly to get to the finish line without losing any points.



Promote Drug Info information using the activity ideas below.

Drug Fact Finder display

Make the Drug Fact Finder accessible to the public by displaying it in a tablet stand in a prominent position in your library or at a service point. Set up a display table with NSW Health Drug Fact booklets, Drug Info posters, signage and promotional material. 

Find the Facts workshop

The Know Your Drug Facts program toolkit includes detailed instructions for hosting an educational workshop. Participants will learn more about where to find quality information about alcohol and other drugs. 

Drug Fact trivia

Host a Drug Fact trivia event, or include a Drug Info round in a general library trivia event. Use the prepared questions included in the Know Your Drug Facts program, or use the Drug Info website or Drug Fact booklets to create your own. 

QR-code quiz displays

Posters can be displayed permanently in youth or community information areas, used in Youth Week displays or set up in study areas during the HSC study period. You can further promote Drug Info by offering Drug Info showbags to people who present a completed quiz screen on their phones to a library service point.

Find the Facts scavenger hunt

Place the Drug Fact booklets at different locations around the library, with 15 drug facts to discover. The activity can be completed individually or in groups. 

Drug Info games

Borrow a copy of the Big Night Out board game or play a round of Drug Fact Bingo. Drug Info games can be promoted as standalone events or included as part of a library games afternoon/evening.

Looking for more ideas?

Use the Drug Info Activity Booklet for inspiration. The activity booklet features a range of suggestions for incorporating Drug Info into your library programming.

Promotional material

The following items can be use to promote your library programs, events and promotional activities.


You can order The Facts postcard using our online form.


Drug Info QR code quiz

An A4 poster with a QR code link to the Drug Fact Finder quiz. Available in 10 different colour themes.

Do you know the facts poster

A3 and A4 size PDFs, available in yellow, white and grey.

Social media

Facebook and other forms of social media are effective methods of communication. You could use these channels to provide links to useful online resources in order to reinforce the messages and to support people to make informed decisions and choices about drugs and alcohol.

Drug Info's social media kit contains content that you can use in social media planning including images and suggested text for social media posts.

Use the following hashtags:




Suggested social media posts

Did you know … as the effects of inhalants begin to wear off, a person may experience effects such as headaches, nausea & dizziness. These effects can last for a number of days. #drugfacts

Did you know … that those who use cannabis regularly can take up to three months to have negative urine drug tests. #drugfacts

Did you know … that amyl nitrite is a clear, yellow, highly volatile and flammable liquid. The liquid smells sweet and fruity when fresh but like ‘sweaty socks’ when stale. #drugfacts


If you run a Know your Drug Facts event or program in your library, we'd love to hear about it. Let us know about your program via the form below.

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