Digital collecting

Last updated:  14 March 2024

Public libraries provide an important space in the community to access born-digital and digitised collections.  

Born-digital items are materials that are created in a digital or electronic format. These are distinct from physical collections which are converted to digital format.

Public libraries collect a broad range of born-digital material including digital images and video footage, digital sound recordings and oral histories, websites and emails, and digital documents and publications. Libraries also digitise existing physical collections of items such as photographs and manuscripts to preserve and provide access to original historical material.  

National edeposit (NED)

National edeposit (NED) is a portal where Australian publishers can upload and provide access to digital publications, satisfying their legal deposit obligations. NED is a collaboration between Australia’s nine national, state and territory libraries, to capture and preserve Australia’s digital publications.  

Digital practice guidelines

The guidelines provide an introduction for public libraries that are involved in digitisation projects, including providing access and storage for born digital objects and digital preservation. The information has been divided into general principles - which include selection, cataloguing metadata, file management, digital preservation and access and workflow.

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