Funding application forms

Last updated:  25 March 2024

To receive the 2023/24 State Government subsidies all councils must complete the following forms:

  • Statement of library operations

  • Narrative statement

  • Subsidy application

  • Local priority grant application

  • Download and save each form separately.
  • Do not password protect these forms.
  • Ensure your excel file does not include macros.
  • The deadline for submitting forms has passed.

Financial reporting forms

All councils must complete the following forms:

All councils (except Murray River) must also complete Form A:

Murray River Council must complete the form below:

Regional library services

The executive or administrative council of a regional library service must also complete Form B, on behalf of the regional library service.

The Financial Reporting Manual defines and outlines reporting requirements.

Acquittal of local priority grants is by sample. The State Library will contact you if you need to acquit your project.

If you have any enquiries about the manual, application forms, or the funding arrangements, please contact Samantha Mantakoun, Grants and Subsidies officer or Kate O'Grady, Consultant, Public Library Services.