indyreads local studies collection

Last updated:  19 April 2024

Local studies collections showcase the history and diversity of local communities, but these are often limited to local use in public libraries.

The indyreads local studies collection aims to enable public libraries to make their locally important titles available via the platform. Libraries can make aspects of their digital local studies content available on indyreads, providing NSW public library members with access to a representative statewide collection of local studies titles.

Getting involved

Public libraries with digitised or born-digital local studies content can apply to upload these to indyreads.

There is no cost other than staff time for training, uploading and managing the content and marketing activities.

Content requirements

Eligible content

Items should be published works of broad interest including:

  • Books and other published monographs such as pamphlets with substantial information, tourist guides, jubilee histories
  • Serials, such as historical journals
  • Oral histories, including a transcript

Content of items included should be general, rather than specific. Suggested topics include early history, contemporary events, and significant people and places.

If you do not have transcripts for your oral histories, you could consider using Amplify to facilitate this.

Ineligible content

The following will not be considered for inclusion on indyreads:

  • Photographs
  • Newspapers
  • Council records
  • Unpublished material
  • Ephemera
  • Maps

Existing digital items from public library local studies collection in the following formats can be uploaded:

  • PDF
  • EPUB
  • MP3 (audio)
  • MP4 (video)

Audio and video recordings should be high quality, with clear sound.

Copyright and rights management

Titles must be licenced for statewide access. The indyreads platform can apply digital rights management. Content must meet one of the following copyright statuses:

  • Out of copyright
  • Your library or council owns the copyright
  • Your library or council has permission to share the material
  • The material can be used under an applicable Creative Commons licence

If your library needs to obtain permission, you can use the NSW Public Library Agreement for Purchasing Electronic Content. Contact Ross Balharrie for a copy.


Preservation of content

indyreads is an access platform and makes content available for loan. It is not a digital preservation system. Publishers can upload born digital publications to National edeposit (NED) for legal deposit and preservation purposes. 

Find out more

Contact Ross Balharrie or Abby Dawson to find out how to get involved.