Managing indyreads in your library

Last updated:  07 May 2024

This information is provided to assist NSW public libraries. If you are a member of the public and have a question about indyreads, please contact your local public library for help.


The indyreads collection ensures NSW public libraries can offer their users a diverse collection of quality Australian and international titles. The collection includes:

  • Australian authors and independent publishers
  • international independent publishers
  • classic fiction, including modern classics
  • award winners
  • library professional publications
  • simultaneous use titles for book clubs
  • NSW local studies content
  • best examples of self-published material
  • collections in ten languages: Chinese, French, German, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Spanish and Vietnamese
  • material to learn English
  • Untapped: Australian Literary Heritage Project Collection.

Collection Development Policy

Selection of the indyreads collection is guided by the indyreads Collection Development Policy.


Can my library integrate indyreads MARC records into our library management system so our customers can borrow directly from our catalogue?

Yes, libraries using the following LMS can integrate indyreads to their catalogue via web services or an API depending on the vendor:

  • Aurora AIT
  • Civica Spydus
  • SIRSI Dynix
  • Libero 
  • SOLUS aims to integrate indyreads to their Library app but the date for this is unknown.

Contact your LMS account manager if your library would like to configure this.

Once my library has integrated indyreads to our catalogue, how will we receive records for new books?

Some library management systems provide automated record harvesting, while others are required to be updated manually. Contact your LMS account manager to find out.

My library is moving to a new library management system, how do I update my indyreads integration?

Please contact us at least two weeks before your transition, with the following details:

  • the SIP2 or webservices configuration details from your new LMS vendor
  • the date of migration
  • a test card and password
Can my library make suggestions for purchase?

Yes, we welcome suggestions for purchase for titles by Australian authors or Australian independent publishers. You can send these through the contact us form.

Can my library purchase content for exclusive use by our members?

Yes, indyreads contains an opt-in Odilo Marketplace where you can select content exclusively for your members. This is called a segmented collection and costs for this service will be debited to your library. This is an optional service. Contact us for more information.

Can my library upload our digital local studies content to indyreads?

Yes, find out how to upload your local studies content here.

Can my library upload content from our local authors, historians and publishers?

Yes, we have developed a licensing agreement to facilitate this. Please contact us for more information.

How can my library obtain usage statistics?

Each library has a designated staff member with administration rights. If the person assigned changes, please contact us to update access rights.

How does my library create lists?


How can my library user borrow from indyreads?

Library users can borrow from indyreads via the indyreads iOS app or Android app on their device or the browser on their computer.

How long is the loan period?

Loans are for 21 days. Books can be renewed if there are no holds.

How many books can someone borrow?

People can borrow up to 20 books.

Can my library user renew their loan?

Yes, if there is no reservation on the title, a Renew button will appear in the Bookshelf three days before the due date.

Can someone reserve on a book on loan?

Yes, books can be reserved. There is no limit on the number of reservations someone can place. Additional copies of a title are purchased when there are a lot of reserves.


If indyreads isn’t working properly, these troubleshooting steps can help fix or diagnose most issues.

If your library user can’t log into indyreads, try the following:

  • Are they connected to the internet?
  • Have they selected the correct library to log into?
  • Is their library card still active?
  • Enter the log in details again, ensuring no additional spaces are included.
The indyreads app is not working for my library user

Are they using the most recent version of the app? Try reinstalling the app, this should resolve most issues such as bookmarks not working, or missing chapters or images.

A book won’t download on the indyreads app

Check in Settings – is it set to ‘Download with Wifi’? A book won’t download until your library user is on Wifi. This setting can be changed.

My library user’s loan won’t open or play

Open the Bookshelf to see their loans, tap … on the book and tap ‘Delete downloaded file’. Tap the down arrow to download the file again.

My library user wants to read their loan on their ereader

Books can be transferred to ereaders (except Kindle) using Adobe Digital Editions and a computer. Follow the instructions here.

My library user wants to read their loan offline on the Microsoft indyreads app
  • Download the Odilo App for Windows and install on your computer 
  • Select indyreads from the first drop down menu 
  • Select your library service from the second drop down menu
  • Enter your library card number and password/pin
  • Accept the terms and conditions and activate.
I have tried the steps above and my library user is still having an issue with the indyreads app or their loan

Please contact us with the following information and we will escalate it to our vendor to resolve.

  • Name and library card number
  • Explanation of issue and attempts at resolution (i.e. above actions)
  • The title and author, if the issue is related to a specific ebook/audiobook
  • Model of device   
  • Operating System of the device and version (find in device systems info)   
  • Version of indyreads App (found in Settings on the app).
indyreads user guides

You can find more information about how to use indyreads in the app user guide and web browser guide.

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