Mocktails social media kit

Last updated:  06 June 2024

Drug Info’s literary mocktails are a great way to promote healthy living through alternatives to alcohol. 

With their book themes and striking designs, they also make for colourful additions to your library’s social media pages.

About this campaign

The purpose of this social media campaign is to promote healthy living through alternatives to alcohol and raise awareness of the Australian Alcohol Guidelines.

This kit provides you with online resources that can be shared with your community. You can create your own posts, or use the images and suggested text on your social media channels.

You can use the suggested social media posts on your channels at any time of the year.

How to use this kit

  1. Share provided social media posts and images on your social media accounts
  2. Add the hashtags #literarymocktails #knowyourstandards #nswpubliclibraries or #druginfolibsnsw
  3. Follow us on Facebook and like and share our posts: Drug Info

Sample posts

A selection of social media posts have been created for you to share across your social media channels.

Copy and paste the content and download the relevant image to share on your social media channels. 

Winter mocktails

  • Winter is here! Enjoy a delicious warm alternative to alcohol with Drug Info's The Toddy in the Library, the latest addition to our collection of Literary Mocktails #LiteraryMocktails #NSWPublicLibraries #MakeitaMocktail
  • Winter nights are the perfect time for cosy nights in with a great read, and Drug Info has the perfect accompaniment. The Toddy in the Library is a tea-based mocktail adding flavours of honey, lemon and cinnamon for a delicious alcohol-free winter treat. Learn more at  #LiteraryMocktails #NSWPublicLibraries #MakeitaMocktail
  • Looking for an alternative to alcohol this winter? See Drug Info's literary mocktails page for some great book-themed recipes, including The Toddy in the Library, a delicious tea-based winter warmer  #LiteraryMocktails #NSWPublicLibraries #MakeitaMocktail

Summer mocktails

Literary mocktails

When hosting mocktail tastings and other Know Your Standards events, sharing posts about your activities on your social media channels is a great way to reinforce the messages and highlighting the fun that can be had at library events. 

You may also choose to post mocktail recipes and link to our literary mocktail recipes.

Additionally, there are a number of opportunities throughout the year to promote mocktails as an alternative to alcohol. Long weekends, holidays and celebrations, as well as campaigns such as Dry July are a few examples. Here are some suggestions for social media posts:


Download this zip file to find images to use in your social media posts.